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Silver Porcelain Keyhole Vase

Silver Porcelain Keyhole Vase

Beautiful, contemporary and definitely unique, these Porcelain Vases give the illusion of hammered metal. The silver finish reflects light and is a real eye catcher. Nice and study, heavy and shiny, they look like fine works of art. Buy one or combine all three to create a truly modern look.

  • Porcelain with silver finish
  • Fluted top
  • Three base styles to choose from
  • Horizontal – 9 (L) x 2.25 (W) x 11.75 (H) inches
  • Round – 7.25 (L) x 2.25 (W) x 13.75 (H) inches
  • Vertical – 6.75 (L) x 2 (W) x 16 (H) inches
  • $ 4000

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